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ALDF and Sidney Yost have reached a settlement of all litigation between them.  The litigation began in 2005 when ALDF and others filed suit against Yost, alleging that Yost had abused chimpanzees under his care in 2002 and 2003.  Yost denied the allegations of abuse and filed cross-claims against ALDF.

The case was resolved by settlement in 2006, with plaintiffs dismissing all claims with prejudice. 


As part of the settlement, Yost transferred all chimpanzees then in his possession, to chimpanzee sanctuaries for permanent retirement from the entertainment industry.  Yost also agreed not to work in the future with chimpanzees and certain other non-human primates.

In 2008, ALDF filed a second lawsuit, alleging that Yost had breached the 2006 settlement agreement by working with certain non-human primates.  Yost filed cross-claims against ALDF and others, alleging that ALDF had made defamatory statements about Yost.

In February 2011, Yost and ALDF entered into a second settlement clarifying that, except for a limited exception, Yost will refrain from working in the future with chimpanzees and other great apes.


The chimpanzees transferred to sanctuaries in 2006 continue to thrive in their new homes.